Tiny furry friends

The latest in my curiosity furry friend necklaces. They make me smile. For a full colle


This little sweet pea is a work in progress for a dear friend to gift. I heart pugs.

Even the spooky ones are lovely

I am trying to make my portraits have a nice variety of people. In honor of feeling spooky this time of year, I made Hector. 

Rainy Days

My family and I love rainy days, for many reasons, we get to wear our jambes, drink hot drinks, watch movies all day and snack on popcorn. But our favorite of all is when we get together and make something. These have been a 2 day process but very well worth it.

Prickly Pear

When the desert calls, I start to paint it. I have an obsession with succulents and cacti. Maybe its just a sweet reminder of home that they bring, or perhaps its just their badassness either way, I love them. I started painting this prickly pear its a work in progress but I do hope to capture the true essence at the end.